Table of Contents: January 2006


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Listeria invades intestinal villi

Listeria monocytogenes invades the intestinal villus tips. The confocal 3-D reconstruction shows the villi stained in red for the cytoskeleton, and blue for nuclei. The adhered bacteria are green (see Pentecost et al).

Image Credit: Photograph provided by Mickey Pentecost. Volocity 3.6 software was used for 3-D rendering of confocal immunofluorescence images. Digital image manipulation by Sapna Khandwala.


A New Bacillus anthracis Found in Wild Chimpanzees and a Gorilla from West and Central Africa

Fabian H Leendertz, Saniye Yumlu, Georg Pauli, Christophe Boesch, Emmanuel Couacy-Hymann, Linda Vigilant, Sandra Junglen, Svenja Schenk, Heinz Ellerbrok

Research Articles

Listeria monocytogenes Invades the Epithelial Junctions at Sites of Cell Extrusion

Mickey Pentecost, Glen Otto, Julie A Theriot, Manuel R Amieva

Genome-Wide Analysis of Group A Streptococci Reveals a Mutation That Modulates Global Phenotype and Disease Specificity

Paul Sumby, Adeline R Whitney, Edward A Graviss, Frank R DeLeo, James M Musser

Gene-Specific Countermeasures against Ebola Virus Based on Antisense Phosphorodiamidate Morpholino Oligomers

Kelly L Warfield, Dana L Swenson, Gene G Olinger, Donald K Nichols, William D Pratt, Robert Blouch, David A Stein, M. Javad Aman, Patrick L Iversen, Sina Bavari