Table of Contents: February 2006


Image Credit: Image provided by Ke Hu and John Murray.
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T. gondii daughter scaffolds

Toxoplasma gondii, an obligate intracellular human parasite, has a unique cytoskeletal apparatus that is probably used for invading host cells and for parasite replication. Shown here are images of T. gondii constructing daughter scaffolds within the mother cell. Cyan: YFP-α-Tubulin; yellow: mRFP-TgMORN1 (see Hu et al).


The Scientific Response to a Pandemic

Gigi Kwik Gronvall, Richard E Waldhorn, D. A Henderson


Research Articles

Genome-Wide Screen for Salmonella Genes Required for Long-Term Systemic Infection of the Mouse

Trevor D Lawley, Kaman Chan, Lucinda J Thompson, Charles C Kim, Gregory R Govoni, Denise M Monack

Efficient Transmission and Characterization of Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease Strains in Bank Voles

Romolo Nonno, Michele A. Di Bari, Franco Cardone, Gabriele Vaccari, Paola Fazzi, Giacomo Dell'Omo, Claudia Cartoni, Loredana Ingrosso, Aileen Boyle, Roberta Galeno, Marco Sbriccoli, Hans-Peter Lipp, Moira Bruce, Maurizio Pocchiari, Umberto Agrimi

Cytoskeletal Components of an Invasion Machine—The Apical Complex of Toxoplasma gondii

Ke Hu, Jeff Johnson, Laurence Florens, Martin Fraunholz, Sapna Suravajjala, Camille DiLullo, John Yates, David S Roos, John M Murray

Downregulation of the Drosophila Immune Response by Peptidoglycan-Recognition Proteins SC1 and SC2

Vincent Bischoff, Cécile Vignal, Bernard Duvic, Ivo G Boneca, Jules A Hoffmann, Julien Royet

Why Do HIV-1 and HIV-2 Use Different Pathways to Develop AZT Resistance?

Paul L Boyer, Stefan G Sarafianos, Patrick K Clark, Eddy Arnold, Stephen H Hughes

Two Key Residues in EphrinB3 Are Critical for Its Use as an Alternative Receptor for Nipah Virus

Oscar A Negrete, Mike C Wolf, Hector C Aguilar, Sven Enterlein, Wei Wang, Elke Mühlberger, Stephen V Su, Andrea Bertolotti-Ciarlet, Ramon Flick, Benhur Lee


Correction: Functional and Genetic Analysis of Coronavirus Replicase-Transcriptase Proteins

Stanley G Sawicki, Dorothea L Sawicki, Diane Younker, Yvonne Meyer, Volker Thiel, Helen Stokes, Stuart G Siddell