Table of Contents: September 2006



Image Credit: Images courtesy of Takeshi Noda and Yoshihiro Kawaoka.
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Ebolavirus causes lethal hemorrhagic fever in humans. Shown in the top left and bottom right panels is a scanning electron micrograph of Ebolavirus particles emerged from a virus-infected cell, the surface of which is covered with numerous filamentous virions. The other two panels show a transmission electron micrograph of Ebolavirus particles released from a virus-infected cell (see Noda et al).


“A Re-Evaluation of M. prototuberculosis”: Continuing the Debate

Sylvain Brisse, Philip Supply, Roland Brosch, Veronique Vincent, M. Cristina Gutierrez

Research Articles

Assembly and Budding of Ebolavirus

Takeshi Noda, Hideki Ebihara, Yukiko Muramoto, Ken Fujii, Ayato Takada, Hiroshi Sagara, Jin Hyun Kim, Hiroshi Kida, Heinz Feldmann, Yoshihiro Kawaoka

Release of Sequestered Malaria Parasites upon Injection of a Glycosaminoglycan

Anna M Vogt, Fredrik Pettersson, Kirsten Moll, Cathrine Jonsson, Johan Normark, Ulf Ribacke, Thomas G Egwang, Hans-Peter Ekre, Dorothe Spillmann, Qijun Chen, Mats Wahlgren

Role of AmiA in the Morphological Transition of Helicobacter pylori and in Immune Escape

Catherine Chaput, Chantal Ecobichon, Nadège Cayet, Stephen E Girardin, Catherine Werts, Stéphanie Guadagnini, Marie-Christine Prévost, Dominique Mengin-Lecreulx, Agnès Labigne, Ivo G Boneca

Doxycycline Reduces Plasma VEGF-C/sVEGFR-3 and Improves Pathology in Lymphatic Filariasis

Alexander Yaw Debrah, Sabine Mand, Sabine Specht, Yeboah Marfo-Debrekyei, Linda Batsa, Kenneth Pfarr, John Larbi, Bernard Lawson, Mark Taylor, Ohene Adjei, Achim Hoerauf


Correction: Alpha-Herpesvirus Infection Induces the Formation of Nuclear Actin Filaments

Becket Feierbach, Silvia Piccinotti, Margaret Bisher, Winifred Denk, Lynn W Enquist

Correction: A Systematic Map of Genetic Variation in Plasmodium falciparum

Claire Kidgell, Sarah K Volkman, Johanna Daily, Justin O Borevitz, David Plouffe, Yingyao Zhou, Jeffrey R Johnson, Karine G. Le Roch, Ousmane Sarr, Omar Ndir, Soulyemane Mboup, Serge Batalov, Dyann F Wirth, Elizabeth A Winzeler