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Herpes viral adaptor protein HSV-1 ICP27 recognizes and specifically binds to the surface of the RRM domain of cellular export factor REF/Aly.

The recognition fragment of the ICP27 peptide is shown docked to the binding pocket on the REF RRM, with selected residues labeled. A similar binding surface on REF/Aly is occupied by an adaptor protein from a different herpesvirus, HVS ORF57. The importance of the key amino acid residues within the binding sites of both viral proteins was confirmed by site-directed mutagenesis. Together, these data precisely map amino acid residues responsible for the direct interactions between viral adaptors and cellular REF/Aly and provide the first molecular details of how herpes viruses access the cellular mRNA export pathway (see Tunnicliffe et al., doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1001244).

Image Credit: Richard B. Tunnicliffe and Alexander P. Golovanov, University of Manchester


Dual-Use Research and Technological Diffusion: Reconsidering the Bioterrorism Threat Spectrum

Jonathan E. Suk, Anna Zmorzynska, Iris Hunger, Walter Biederbick, Julia Sasse, Heinrich Maidhof, Jan C. Semenza


Pathogenesis of the 1918 Pandemic Influenza Virus

Tokiko Watanabe, Yoshihiro Kawaoka


Research Articles

A Cardinal Role for Cathepsin D in Co-Ordinating the Host-Mediated Apoptosis of Macrophages and Killing of Pneumococci

Martin A. Bewley, Helen M. Marriott, Calogero Tulone, Sheila E. Francis, Timothy J. Mitchell, Robert C. Read, Benny Chain, Guido Kroemer, Moira K. B. Whyte, David H. Dockrell

Early Target Cells of Measles Virus after Aerosol Infection of Non-Human Primates

Ken Lemon, Rory D. de Vries, Annelies W. Mesman, Stephen McQuaid, Geert van Amerongen, Selma Yüksel, Martin Ludlow, Linda J. Rennick, Thijs Kuiken, Bertus K. Rima, Teunis B. H. Geijtenbeek, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, W. Paul Duprex, Rik L. de Swart

The Pel Polysaccharide Can Serve a Structural and Protective Role in the Biofilm Matrix of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kelly M. Colvin, Vernita D. Gordon, Keiji Murakami, Bradley R. Borlee, Daniel J. Wozniak, Gerard C. L. Wong, Matthew R. Parsek

Selective C-Rel Activation via Malt1 Controls Anti-Fungal TH-17 Immunity by Dectin-1 and Dectin-2

Sonja I. Gringhuis, Brigitte A. Wevers, Tanja M. Kaptein, Toni M. M. van Capel, Bart Theelen, Teun Boekhout, Esther C. de Jong, Teunis B. H. Geijtenbeek

Imaging Single Retrovirus Entry through Alternative Receptor Isoforms and Intermediates of Virus-Endosome Fusion

Naveen K. Jha, Olga Latinovic, Erik Martin, Gennadiy Novitskiy, Mariana Marin, Kosuke Miyauchi, John Naughton, John A. T. Young, Gregory B. Melikyan

Multiple Plant Surface Signals are Sensed by Different Mechanisms in the Rice Blast Fungus for Appressorium Formation

Wende Liu, Xiaoying Zhou, Guotian Li, Lei Li, Lingan Kong, Chenfang Wang, Haifeng Zhang, Jin-Rong Xu

Characteristics of the Earliest Cross-Neutralizing Antibody Response to HIV-1

Iliyana Mikell, D. Noah Sather, Spyros A. Kalams, Marcus Altfeld, Galit Alter, Leonidas Stamatatos

Induction of a Peptide with Activity against a Broad Spectrum of Pathogens in the Aedes aegypti Salivary Gland, following Infection with Dengue Virus

Natthanej Luplertlop, Pornapat Surasombatpattana, Sirilaksana Patramool, Emilie Dumas, Ladawan Wasinpiyamongkol, Laure Saune, Rodolphe Hamel, Eric Bernard, Denis Sereno, Frédéric Thomas, David Piquemal, Hans Yssel, Laurence Briant, Dorothée Missé

Salivary Gland NK Cells Are Phenotypically and Functionally Unique

Marlowe S. Tessmer, Emma C. Reilly, Laurent Brossay

Identification and Characterization of the Host Protein DNAJC14 as a Broadly Active Flavivirus Replication Modulator

Zhigang Yi, Lindsey Sperzel, Cindy Nürnberger, Peter J. Bredenbeek, Kirk J. Lubick, Sonja M. Best, Cristina T. Stoyanov, Lok Man J. Law, Zhenghong Yuan, Charles M. Rice, Margaret R. MacDonald

HCMV Spread and Cell Tropism are Determined by Distinct Virus Populations

Laura Scrivano, Christian Sinzger, Hans Nitschko, Ulrich H. Koszinowski, Barbara Adler

Aerosols Transmit Prions to Immunocompetent and Immunodeficient Mice

Johannes Haybaeck, Mathias Heikenwalder, Britta Klevenz, Petra Schwarz, Ilan Margalith, Claire Bridel, Kirsten Mertz, Elizabeta Zirdum, Benjamin Petsch, Thomas J. Fuchs, Lothar Stitz, Adriano Aguzzi

Structural Basis for the Recognition of Cellular mRNA Export Factor REF by Herpes Viral Proteins HSV-1 ICP27 and HVS ORF57

Richard B. Tunnicliffe, Guillaume M. Hautbergue, Priti Kalra, Brian R. Jackson, Adrian Whitehouse, Stuart A. Wilson, Alexander P. Golovanov

Critical Role of IRF-5 in the Development of T helper 1 responses to Leishmania donovani infection

Andrea Paun, Rashmi Bankoti, Trupti Joshi, Paula M. Pitha, Simona Stäger

Molecular Basis of Increased Serum Resistance among Pulmonary Isolates of Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae

Shigeki Nakamura, Mikhail Shchepetov, Ankur B. Dalia, Sarah E. Clark, Timothy F. Murphy, Sanjay Sethi, Janet R. Gilsdorf, Arnold L. Smith, Jeffery N. Weiser

A Helminth Immunomodulator Exploits Host Signaling Events to Regulate Cytokine Production in Macrophages

Christian Klotz, Thomas Ziegler, Ana Sofia Figueiredo, Sebastian Rausch, Matthew R. Hepworth, Nadja Obsivac, Christine Sers, Roland Lang, Peter Hammerstein, Richard Lucius, Susanne Hartmann

Biofilm Development on Caenorhabditis elegans by Yersinia Is Facilitated by Quorum Sensing-Dependent Repression of Type III Secretion

Steve Atkinson, Robert J. Goldstone, George W. P. Joshua, Chien-Yi Chang, Hannah L. Patrick, Miguel Cámara, Brendan W. Wren, Paul Williams

Distinct Patterns of IFITM-Mediated Restriction of Filoviruses, SARS Coronavirus, and Influenza A Virus

I-Chueh Huang, Charles C. Bailey, Jessica L. Weyer, Sheli R. Radoshitzky, Michelle M. Becker, Jessica J. Chiang, Abraham L. Brass, Asim A. Ahmed, Xiaoli Chi, Lian Dong, Lindsay E. Longobardi, Dutch Boltz, Jens H. Kuhn, Stephen J. Elledge, Sina Bavari, Mark R. Denison, Hyeryun Choe, Michael Farzan