Table of Contents: August 2014

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Nuclei are blue (using DAPI) and actin yellow (using phalloidin). The parasite's syncytial body surface (tegument) and gut lining epithelium are green. Nutrients are acquired across both surfaces, ingested host blood being broken down in the gut and nutrients absorbed from the lumen. The flattened body shape and the distance of many tissues from the gut emphasize the importance of the male tegument in nutrient uptake whereas the cylindrical female has a greater reliance on the gut for nutrition. See Skelly et al.



Regulatory RNAs Involved in Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance

David Lalaouna, Alex Eyraud, Svetlana Chabelskaya, Brice Felden, Eric Massé

Candida albicans Pathogenicity and Epithelial Immunity

Julian R. Naglik, Jonathan P. Richardson, David L. Moyes


Host Responses to Group A Streptococcus: Cell Death and Inflammation

James A. Tsatsaronis, Mark J. Walker, Martina L. Sanderson-Smith

Schistosome Feeding and Regurgitation

Patrick J. Skelly, Akram A. Da'dara, Xiao-Hong Li, William Castro-Borges, R. Alan Wilson

Research Articles

A Locus Encompassing the Epstein-Barr Virus bglf4 Kinase Regulates Expression of Genes Encoding Viral Structural Proteins

Ayman El-Guindy, Francesc Lopez-Giraldez, Henri-Jacques Delecluse, Jessica McKenzie, George Miller

Early Mucosal Sensing of SIV Infection by Paneth Cells Induces IL-1β Production and Initiates Gut Epithelial Disruption

Lauren A. Hirao, Irina Grishina, Olivier Bourry, William K. Hu, Monsicha Somrit, Sumathi Sankaran-Walters, Chris A. Gaulke, Anne N. Fenton, Jay A. Li, Robert W. Crawford, Frank Chuang, Ross Tarara, Maria L. Marco, Andreas J. Bäumler, Holland Cheng, Satya Dandekar

Adoptive Transfer of EBV Specific CD8+ T Cell Clones Can Transiently Control EBV Infection in Humanized Mice

Olga Antsiferova, Anne Müller, Patrick C. Rämer, Obinna Chijioke, Bithi Chatterjee, Ana Raykova, Raquel Planas, Mireia Sospedra, Anatoliy Shumilov, Ming-Han Tsai, Henri-Jacques Delecluse, Christian Münz

P. aeruginosa SGNH Hydrolase-Like Proteins AlgJ and AlgX Have Similar Topology but Separate and Distinct Roles in Alginate Acetylation

Perrin Baker, Tyler Ricer, Patrick J. Moynihan, Elena N. Kitova, Marthe T. C. Walvoort, Dustin J. Little, John C. Whitney, Karen Dawson, Joel T. Weadge, Howard Robinson, Dennis E. Ohman, Jeroen D. C. Codée, John S. Klassen, Anthony J. Clarke, P. Lynne Howell

A Cysteine Protease Inhibitor of Plasmodium berghei Is Essential for Exo-erythrocytic Development

Christine Lehmann, Anna Heitmann, Satish Mishra, Paul-Christian Burda, Mirko Singer, Monica Prado, Livia Niklaus, Céline Lacroix, Robert Ménard, Friedrich Frischknecht, Rebecca Stanway, Photini Sinnis, Volker Heussler

HIV-1 Receptor Binding Site-Directed Antibodies Using a VH1-2 Gene Segment Orthologue Are Activated by Env Trimer Immunization

Marjon Navis, Karen Tran, Shridhar Bale, Ganesh E. Phad, Javier Guenaga, Richard Wilson, Martina Soldemo, Krisha McKee, Christopher Sundling, John Mascola, Yuxing Li, Richard T. Wyatt, Gunilla B. Karlsson Hedestam

A Novel Signal Transduction Pathway that Modulates rhl Quorum Sensing and Bacterial Virulence in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Qiao Cao, Yue Wang, Feifei Chen, Yongjie Xia, Jingyu Lou, Xue Zhang, Nana Yang, Xiaoxu Sun, Qin Zhang, Chao Zhuo, Xi Huang, Xin Deng, Cai-Guang Yang, Yan Ye, Jing Zhao, Min Wu, Lefu Lan

Limited HIV Infection of Central Memory and Stem Cell Memory CD4+ T Cells Is Associated with Lack of Progression in Viremic Individuals

Nichole R. Klatt, Steven E. Bosinger, Melicent Peck, Laura E. Richert-Spuhler, Anke Heigele, Jillian P. Gile, Nirav Patel, Jessica Taaffe, Boris Julg, David Camerini, Carlo Torti, Jeffrey N. Martin, Steven G. Deeks, Elizabeth Sinclair, Frederick M. Hecht, Michael M. Lederman, Mirko Paiardini, Frank Kirchhoff, Jason M. Brenchley, Peter W. Hunt, Guido Silvestri

The GAP Activity of Type III Effector YopE Triggers Killing of Yersinia in Macrophages

Xiaoying Wang, Kaustubh Parashar, Ananya Sitaram, James B. Bliska

Rabies Virus Hijacks and Accelerates the p75NTR Retrograde Axonal Transport Machinery

Shani Gluska, Eitan Erez Zahavi, Michael Chein, Tal Gradus, Anja Bauer, Stefan Finke, Eran Perlson

Infection with MERS-CoV Causes Lethal Pneumonia in the Common Marmoset

Darryl Falzarano, Emmie de Wit, Friederike Feldmann, Angela L. Rasmussen, Atsushi Okumura, Xinxia Peng, Matthew J. Thomas, Neeltje van Doremalen, Elaine Haddock, Lee Nagy, Rachel LaCasse, Tingting Liu, Jiang Zhu, Jason S. McLellan, Dana P. Scott, Michael G. Katze, Heinz Feldmann, Vincent J. Munster

Ly6Chi Monocyte Recruitment Is Responsible for Th2 Associated Host-Protective Macrophage Accumulation in Liver Inflammation due to Schistosomiasis

Marcia Nascimento, Stanley C. Huang, Amber Smith, Bart Everts, Wing Lam, Elizabeth Bassity, Emmanuel L. Gautier, Gwendalyn J. Randolph, Edward J. Pearce

Cryptococcus gattii VGIII Isolates Causing Infections in HIV/AIDS Patients in Southern California: Identification of the Local Environmental Source as Arboreal

Deborah J. Springer, R. Blake Billmyre, Elan E. Filler, Kerstin Voelz, Rhiannon Pursall, Piotr A. Mieczkowski, Robert A. Larsen, Fred S. Dietrich, Robin C. May, Scott G. Filler, Joseph Heitman

Characterization of an Insecticidal Toxin and Pathogenicity of Pseudomonas taiwanensis against Insects

Wen-Jen Chen, Feng-Chia Hsieh, Fu-Chiun Hsu, Yi-Fang Tasy, Je-Ruei Liu, Ming-Che Shih

Production of an Attenuated Phenol-Soluble Modulin Variant Unique to the MRSA Clonal Complex 30 Increases Severity of Bloodstream Infection

Gordon Y. C. Cheung, Dorothee Kretschmer, Anthony C. Duong, Anthony J. Yeh, Trung V. Ho, Yan Chen, Hwang-Soo Joo, Barry N. Kreiswirth, Andreas Peschel, Michael Otto

Assembly and Architecture of the EBV B Cell Entry Triggering Complex

Karthik Sathiyamoorthy, Jiansen Jiang, Yao Xiong Hu, Cynthia L. Rowe, Britta S. Möhl, Jia Chen, Wei Jiang, Elizabeth D. Mellins, Richard Longnecker, Z. Hong Zhou, Theodore S. Jardetzky

Determinants of Influenza Transmission in South East Asia: Insights from a Household Cohort Study in Vietnam

Simon Cauchemez, Neil M. Ferguson, Annette Fox, Le Quynh Mai, Le Thi Thanh, Pham Quang Thai, Dang Dinh Thoang, Tran Nhu Duong, Le Nguyen Minh Hoa, Nguyen Tran Hien, Peter Horby

Identification of Anti-virulence Compounds That Disrupt Quorum-Sensing Regulated Acute and Persistent Pathogenicity

Melissa Starkey, Francois Lepine, Damien Maura, Arunava Bandyopadhaya, Biljana Lesic, Jianxin He, Tomoe Kitao, Valeria Righi, Sylvain Milot, Aria Tzika, Laurence Rahme

Cooperation between Epstein-Barr Virus Immune Evasion Proteins Spreads Protection from CD8+ T Cell Recognition across All Three Phases of the Lytic Cycle

Laura L. Quinn, Jianmin Zuo, Rachel J. M. Abbott, Claire Shannon-Lowe, Rosemary J. Tierney, Andrew D. Hislop, Martin Rowe

RC1339/APRc from Rickettsia conorii Is a Novel Aspartic Protease with Properties of Retropepsin-Like Enzymes

Rui Cruz, Pitter Huesgen, Sean P. Riley, Alexander Wlodawer, Carlos Faro, Christopher M. Overall, Juan J. Martinez, Isaura Simões

The HIV-1 Envelope Transmembrane Domain Binds TLR2 through a Distinct Dimerization Motif and Inhibits TLR2-Mediated Responses

Eliran Moshe Reuven, Mohammad Ali, Etai Rotem, Roland Schwarzter, Andrea Gramatica, Anthony H. Futerman, Yechiel Shai

Inhibition of the TRAIL Death Receptor by CMV Reveals Its Importance in NK Cell-Mediated Antiviral Defense

Shilpi Verma, Andrea Loewendorf, Qiao Wang, Bryan McDonald, Alec Redwood, Chris A. Benedict

Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Impair the Elimination of HIV-Infected Cells by Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes

Richard Brad Jones, Rachel O'Connor, Stefanie Mueller, Maria Foley, Gregory L. Szeto, Dan Karel, Mathias Lichterfeld, Colin Kovacs, Mario A. Ostrowski, Alicja Trocha, Darrell J. Irvine, Bruce D. Walker

Distinct APC Subtypes Drive Spatially Segregated CD4+ and CD8+ T-Cell Effector Activity during Skin Infection with HSV-1

Bethany L. Macleod, Sammy Bedoui, Jyh Liang Hor, Scott N. Mueller, Tiffany A. Russell, Natasha A. Hollett, William R. Heath, David C. Tscharke, Andrew G. Brooks, Thomas Gebhardt

EBNA3C Augments Pim-1 Mediated Phosphorylation and Degradation of p21 to Promote B-Cell Proliferation

Shuvomoy Banerjee, Jie Lu, Qiliang Cai, Zhiguo Sun, Hem Chandra Jha, Erle S. Robertson

Diverse Host-Seeking Behaviors of Skin-Penetrating Nematodes

Michelle L. Castelletto, Spencer S. Gang, Ryo P. Okubo, Anastassia A. Tselikova, Thomas J. Nolan, Edward G. Platzer, James B. Lok, Elissa A. Hallem

Strain-Specific Properties and T Cells Regulate the Susceptibility to Papilloma Induction by Mus musculus Papillomavirus 1

Alessandra Handisurya, Patricia M. Day, Cynthia D. Thompson, Michael Bonelli, Douglas R. Lowy, John T. Schiller

Structure of CfaA Suggests a New Family of Chaperones Essential for Assembly of Class 5 Fimbriae

Rui Bao, April Fordyce, Yu-Xing Chen, Annette McVeigh, Stephen J. Savarino, Di Xia

The PDZ-Binding Motif of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Envelope Protein Is a Determinant of Viral Pathogenesis

Jose M. Jimenez-Guardeño, Jose L. Nieto-Torres, Marta L. DeDiego, Jose A. Regla-Nava, Raul Fernandez-Delgado, Carlos Castaño-Rodriguez, Luis Enjuanes

EVM005: An Ectromelia-Encoded Protein with Dual Roles in NF-κB Inhibition and Virulence

Nicholas van Buuren, Kristin Burles, Jill Schriewer, Ninad Mehta, Scott Parker, R. Mark Buller, Michele Barry

A Tick Gut Protein with Fibronectin III Domains Aids Borrelia burgdorferi Congregation to the Gut during Transmission

Sukanya Narasimhan, Jeroen Coumou, Tim J. Schuijt, Eric Boder, Joppe W. Hovius, Erol Fikrig

Capsid Protein VP4 of Human Rhinovirus Induces Membrane Permeability by the Formation of a Size-Selective Multimeric Pore

Anusha Panjwani, Mike Strauss, Sarah Gold, Hannah Wenham, Terry Jackson, James J. Chou, David J. Rowlands, Nicola J. Stonehouse, James M. Hogle, Tobias J. Tuthill

Cyclic di-GMP-dependent Signaling Pathways in the Pathogenic Firmicute Listeria monocytogenes

Li-Hong Chen, Volkan K. Köseoğlu, Zehra T. Güvener, Tanya Myers-Morales, Joseph M. Reed, Sarah E. F. D'Orazio, Kurt W. Miller, Mark Gomelsky

The Vi Capsular Polysaccharide Enables Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi to Evade Microbe-Guided Neutrophil Chemotaxis

Tamding Wangdi, Cheng-Yuk Lee, Alanna M. Spees, Chenzhou Yu, Dawn D. Kingsbury, Sebastian E. Winter, Christine J. Hastey, R. Paul Wilson, Volkmar Heinrich, Andreas J. Bäumler