Table of Contents: October 2008


Image Credit: Vanaporn Wuthiekanun, Mahidol University, Thailand
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Young boy ploughing a rice paddy field in Thailand.

Burkholderia pseudomallei, the causative agent of melioidosis, is often found in wet soils, and farmers in endemic areas can be exposed due to lack of appropriate foot protection (see Sim et al., doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000178).


Research Articles

Role of Cellular Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans in Infection of Human Adenovirus Serotype 3 and 35

Sebastian Tuve, Hongjie Wang, Jeffrey D. Jacobs, Roma C. Yumul, David F. Smith, André Lieber

Repetitive N-WASP–Binding Elements of the Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli Effector EspFU Synergistically Activate Actin Assembly

Kenneth G. Campellone, Hui-Chun Cheng, Douglas Robbins, Anosha D. Siripala, Emma J. McGhie, Richard D. Hayward, Matthew D. Welch, Michael K. Rosen, Vassilis Koronakis, John M. Leong

Direct Identification of the Meloidogyne incognita Secretome Reveals Proteins with Host Cell Reprogramming Potential

Stéphane Bellafiore, Zhouxin Shen, Marie-Noelle Rosso, Pierre Abad, Patrick Shih, Steven P. Briggs

Interferon-β Pretreatment of Conventional and Plasmacytoid Human Dendritic Cells Enhances Their Activation by Influenza Virus

Hannah Phipps-Yonas, Jeremy Seto, Stuart C. Sealfon, Thomas M. Moran, Ana Fernandez-Sesma

Proteomic Profiling of Plasmodium Sporozoite Maturation Identifies New Proteins Essential for Parasite Development and Infectivity

Edwin Lasonder, Chris J. Janse, Geert-Jan van Gemert, Gunnar R. Mair, Adriaan M. W. Vermunt, Bruno G. Douradinha, Vera van Noort, Martijn A. Huynen, Adrian J. F. Luty, Hans Kroeze, Shahid M. Khan, Robert W. Sauerwein, Andrew P. Waters, Matthias Mann, Hendrik G. Stunnenberg

Horizontal versus Familial Transmission of Helicobacter pylori

Sandra Schwarz, Giovanna Morelli, Barica Kusecek, Andrea Manica, Francois Balloux, Robert J. Owen, David Y. Graham, Schalk van der Merwe, Mark Achtman, Sebastian Suerbaum

Discerning the Complexity of Community Interactions Using a Drosophila Model of Polymicrobial Infections

Christopher D. Sibley, Kangmin Duan, Carrie Fischer, Michael D. Parkins, Douglas G. Storey, Harvey R. Rabin, Michael G. Surette

Immunity to HIV-1 Is Influenced by Continued Natural Exposure to Exogenous Virus

Christian B. Willberg, J. Jeff McConnell, Emily M. Eriksson, Larry A. Bragg, Vanessa A. York, Teri J. Liegler, Fredrick M. Hecht, Robert M. Grant, Douglas F. Nixon

Prevention of Cytotoxic T Cell Escape Using a Heteroclitic Subdominant Viral T Cell Determinant

Noah S. Butler, Alex Theodossis, Andrew I. Webb, Roza Nastovska, Sri Harsha Ramarathinam, Michelle A. Dunstone, Jamie Rossjohn, Anthony W. Purcell, Stanley Perlman

Transmission of Vibrio cholerae Is Antagonized by Lytic Phage and Entry into the Aquatic Environment

Eric J. Nelson, Ashrafuzzaman Chowdhury, James Flynn, Stefan Schild, Lori Bourassa, Yue Shao, Regina C. LaRocque, Stephen B. Calderwood, Firdausi Qadri, Andrew Camilli

A Single CD8+ T Cell Epitope Sets the Long-Term Latent Load of a Murid Herpesvirus

Sofia Marques, Marta Alenquer, Philip G. Stevenson, J. Pedro Simas

The Core and Accessory Genomes of Burkholderia pseudomallei: Implications for Human Melioidosis

Siew Hoon Sim, Yiting Yu, Chi Ho Lin, R. Krishna M. Karuturi, Vanaporn Wuthiekanun, Apichai Tuanyok, Hui Hoon Chua, Catherine Ong, Sivalingam Suppiah Paramalingam, Gladys Tan, Lynn Tang, Gary Lau, Eng Eong Ooi, Donald Woods, Edward Feil, Sharon J. Peacock, Patrick Tan

Control of Parasitophorous Vacuole Expansion by LYST/Beige Restricts the Intracellular Growth of Leishmania amazonensis

Jude Wilson, Chau Huynh, Kathleen A. Kennedy, Diane M. Ward, Jerry Kaplan, Alan Aderem, Norma W. Andrews

High-Resolution Functional Profiling of Hepatitis C Virus Genome

Vaithilingaraja Arumugaswami, Roland Remenyi, Vidhya Kanagavel, Eric Yiang Sue, Tuyet Ngoc Ho, Chang Liu, Vanessa Fontanes, Asim Dasgupta, Ren Sun

Large Bottleneck Size in Cauliflower Mosaic Virus Populations during Host Plant Colonization

Baptiste Monsion, Rémy Froissart, Yannis Michalakis, Stéphane Blanc

Activation of the Unfolded Protein Response Is Required for Defenses against Bacterial Pore-Forming Toxin In Vivo

Larry J. Bischof, Cheng-Yuan Kao, Ferdinand C. O. Los, Manuel R. Gonzalez, Zhouxin Shen, Steven P. Briggs, F. Gisou van der Goot, Raffi V. Aroian

Identification and Functional Analysis of Antifungal Immune Response Genes in Drosophila

Li Hua Jin, Jaewon Shim, Joon Sun Yoon, Byungil Kim, Jihyun Kim, Jeongsil Kim-Ha, Young-Joon Kim

Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Vascular Interactions of the Lyme Disease Pathogen in a Living Host

M. Ursula Norman, Tara J. Moriarty, Ashley R. Dresser, Brandie Millen, Paul Kubes, George Chaconas

B Cell Recognition of the Conserved HIV-1 Co-Receptor Binding Site Is Altered by Endogenous Primate CD4

Mattias N. E. Forsell, Barna Dey, Andreas Mörner, Krisha Svehla, Sijy O'dell, Carl-Magnus Högerkorp, Gerald Voss, Rigmor Thorstensson, George M. Shaw, John R. Mascola, Gunilla B. Karlsson Hedestam, Richard T. Wyatt