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Effector protein recruitment to vacuoles containing Legionella pneumophila.

Image Credit: Shira Ninio, Yale University School of Medicine
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The intracellular pathogen L. pneumophila infects eukaryotic cells and replicates in an endoplasmic reticulum-derived vacuole. Bacterial effector proteins translocated into host cells by a type IV secretion system called Dot/Icm control vacuole maturation. Regulation of distinct maturation events involves the spatial and temporal association of effector proteins with the vacuole. This image shows recruitment of the effector protein PieA (green) to vacuoles containing replicating L. pneumophila (blue rods). The authors demonstrate a unique mechanism for PieA recruitment to the mature L. pneumophila vacuole that requires protein modification to the vacuole membrane mediated by other L. pneumophila effectors (see Ninio et al., doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000278).


The Sicker Sex

Marlene Zuk

Research Articles

Selective Transmission of R5 HIV-1 over X4 HIV-1 at the Dendritic Cell–T Cell Infectious Synapse Is Determined by the T Cell Activation State

Takuya Yamamoto, Yasuko Tsunetsugu-Yokota, Yu-ya Mitsuki, Fuminori Mizukoshi, Takatsugu Tsuchiya, Kazutaka Terahara, Yoshio Inagaki, Naoki Yamamoto, Kazuo Kobayashi, Jun-ichiro Inoue

Estimation of Transmission Parameters of H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus in Chickens

Annemarie Bouma, Ivo Claassen, Ketut Natih, Don Klinkenberg, Christl A. Donnelly, Guus Koch, Michiel van Boven

Local Inflammation Induces Complement Crosstalk Which Amplifies the Antimicrobial Response

Jing Zhang, Jingyun Koh, Jinhua Lu, Steffen Thiel, Benjamin S. H. Leong, Sunil Sethi, Cynthia Y. X. He, Bow Ho, Jeak L. Ding

Diploids in the Cryptococcus neoformans Serotype A Population Homozygous for the α Mating Type Originate via Unisexual Mating

Xiaorong Lin, Sweta Patel, Anastasia P. Litvintseva, Anna Floyd, Thomas G. Mitchell, Joseph Heitman

Glutathione Provides a Source of Cysteine Essential for Intracellular Multiplication of Francisella tularensis

Khaled Alkhuder, Karin L. Meibom, Iharilalao Dubail, Marion Dupuis, Alain Charbit

Polar Localization of Virulence-Related Esx-1 Secretion in Mycobacteria

Fredric Carlsson, Shilpa A. Joshi, Linda Rangell, Eric J. Brown

Rab11A-Controlled Assembly of the Inner Membrane Complex Is Required for Completion of Apicomplexan Cytokinesis

Carolina Agop-Nersesian, Bernina Naissant, Fathia Ben Rached, Manuel Rauch, Angelika Kretzschmar, Sabine Thiberge, Robert Menard, David J. P. Ferguson, Markus Meissner, Gordon Langsley

The IpaC Carboxyterminal Effector Domain Mediates Src-Dependent Actin Polymerization during Shigella Invasion of Epithelial Cells

Joëlle Mounier, Michel R. Popoff, Jost Enninga, Margaret C. Frame, Philippe J. Sansonetti, Guy Tran Van Nhieu

Immunization with Single-Cycle SIV Significantly Reduces Viral Loads After an Intravenous Challenge with SIVmac239

Bin Jia, Sharon K. Ng, M. Quinn DeGottardi, Michael Piatak Jr., Eloísa Yuste, Angela Carville, Keith G. Mansfield, Wenjun Li, Barbra A. Richardson, Jeffrey D. Lifson, David T. Evans

An Inhibitory Antibody Blocks Interactions between Components of the Malarial Invasion Machinery

Christine R. Collins, Chrislaine Withers-Martinez, Fiona Hackett, Michael J. Blackman

Inflammatory Genital Infections Mitigate a Severe Genetic Bottleneck in Heterosexual Transmission of Subtype A and C HIV-1

Richard E. Haaland, Paulina A. Hawkins, Jesus Salazar-Gonzalez, Amber Johnson, Amanda Tichacek, Etienne Karita, Olivier Manigart, Joseph Mulenga, Brandon F. Keele, George M. Shaw, Beatrice H. Hahn, Susan A. Allen, Cynthia A. Derdeyn, Eric Hunter

Viral Mimicry of Cdc2/Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 1 Mediates Disruption of Nuclear Lamina during Human Cytomegalovirus Nuclear Egress

Sofia Hamirally, Jeremy P. Kamil, Yasmine M. Ndassa-Colday, Alison J. Lin, Wan Jin Jahng, Moon-Chang Baek, Sarah Noton, Laurie A. Silva, Martha Simpson-Holley, David M. Knipe, David E. Golan, Jarrod A. Marto, Donald M. Coen

Trypanosome Lytic Factor, an Antimicrobial High-Density Lipoprotein, Ameliorates Leishmania Infection

Marie Samanovic, Maria Pilar Molina-Portela, Anne-Danielle C. Chessler, Barbara A. Burleigh, Jayne Raper

Distinct Roles of Plasmodium Rhomboid 1 in Parasite Development and Malaria Pathogenesis

Prakash Srinivasan, Isabelle Coppens, Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

Imbalanced Lignin Biosynthesis Promotes the Sexual Reproduction of Homothallic Oomycete Pathogens

Michaël Quentin, Valérie Allasia, Anthony Pegard, Florent Allais, Paul-Henri Ducrot, Bruno Favery, Caroline Levis, Sophie Martinet, Clarissa Masur, Michel Ponchet, Dominique Roby, Nikolaus L. Schlaich, Lise Jouanin, Harald Keller

Malaria Parasite Invasion of the Mosquito Salivary Gland Requires Interaction between the Plasmodium TRAP and the Anopheles Saglin Proteins

Anil K. Ghosh, Martin Devenport, Deepa Jethwaney, Dario E. Kalume, Akhilesh Pandey, Vernon E. Anderson, Ali A. Sultan, Nirbhay Kumar, Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

Parasitic Nematodes Modulate PIN-Mediated Auxin Transport to Facilitate Infection

Wim Grunewald, Bernard Cannoot, Jiří Friml, Godelieve Gheysen

Gain of Function Mutations in CgPDR1 of Candida glabrata Not Only Mediate Antifungal Resistance but Also Enhance Virulence

Sélène Ferrari, Françoise Ischer, David Calabrese, Brunella Posteraro, Maurizio Sanguinetti, Giovanni Fadda, Bettina Rohde, Christopher Bauser, Oliver Bader, Dominique Sanglard

Genomic Analysis Reveals a Potential Role for Cell Cycle Perturbation in HCV-Mediated Apoptosis of Cultured Hepatocytes

Kathie-Anne Walters, Andrew J. Syder, Sharon L. Lederer, Deborah L. Diamond, Bryan Paeper, Charles M. Rice, Michael G. Katze

Role of Intraspecies Recombination in the Spread of Pathogenicity Islands within the Escherichia coli Species

Sören Schubert, Pierre Darlu, Olivier Clermont, Andreas Wieser, Giuseppe Magistro, Christiane Hoffmann, Kirsten Weinert, Olivier Tenaillon, Ivan Matic, Erick Denamur

A Role for the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) in Virulence and Antifungal Susceptibility in Aspergillus fumigatus

Daryl L. Richie, Lukas Hartl, Vishukumar Aimanianda, Michael S. Winters, Kevin K. Fuller, Michael D. Miley, Stephanie White, Jason W. McCarthy, Jean-Paul Latgé, Marta Feldmesser, Judith C. Rhodes, David S. Askew

A Novel Co-Crystal Structure Affords the Design of Gain-of-Function Lentiviral Integrase Mutants in the Presence of Modified PSIP1/LEDGF/p75

Stephen Hare, Ming-Chieh Shun, Saumya Shree Gupta, Eugene Valkov, Alan Engelman, Peter Cherepanov

Control of Stochastic Gene Expression by Host Factors at the HIV Promoter

John C. Burnett, Kathryn Miller-Jensen, Priya S. Shah, Adam P. Arkin, David V. Schaffer

Genomic Survey of the Non-Cultivatable Opportunistic Human Pathogen, Enterocytozoon bieneusi

Donna E. Akiyoshi, Hilary G. Morrison, Shi Lei, Xiaochuan Feng, Quanshun Zhang, Nicolas Corradi, Harriet Mayanja, James K. Tumwine, Patrick J. Keeling, Louis M. Weiss, Saul Tzipori

Quantitative Models of In Vitro Bacteriophage–Host Dynamics and Their Application to Phage Therapy

Benjamin J. Cairns, Andrew R. Timms, Vincent A. A. Jansen, Ian F. Connerton, Robert J. H. Payne

Positive Selection Results in Frequent Reversible Amino Acid Replacements in the G Protein Gene of Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Viviane F. Botosso, Paolo M. de A. Zanotto, Mirthes Ueda, Eurico Arruda, Alfredo E. Gilio, Sandra E. Vieira, Klaus E. Stewien, Teresa C. T. Peret, Leda F. Jamal, Maria I. de M. C. Pardini, João R. R. Pinho, Eduardo Massad, Osvaldo A. Sant'Anna, Eddie C. Holmes, Edison L. Durigon , and the VGDN Consortium

The Epstein-Barr Virus G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Contributes to Immune Evasion by Targeting MHC Class I Molecules for Degradation

Jianmin Zuo, Andrew Currin, Bryan D. Griffin, Claire Shannon-Lowe, Wendy A. Thomas, Maaike E. Ressing, Emmanuel J. H. J. Wiertz, Martin Rowe

An Upstream Open Reading Frame Controls Translation of var2csa, a Gene Implicated in Placental Malaria

Borko Amulic, Ali Salanti, Thomas Lavstsen, Morten A. Nielsen, Kirk W. Deitsch

The Cell Adhesion Molecule “CAR” and Sialic Acid on Human Erythrocytes Influence Adenovirus In Vivo Biodistribution

Elena Seiradake, Daniel Henaff, Harald Wodrich, Olivier Billet, Matthieu Perreau, Claire Hippert, Franck Mennechet, Guy Schoehn, Hugues Lortat-Jacob, Hanna Dreja, Sandy Ibanes, Vasiliki Kalatzis, Jennifer P. Wang, Robert W. Finberg, Stephen Cusack, Eric J. Kremer