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Table of Contents: January 2012


Toxoplasma gondii evades IFN-γ-mediated gene expression in murine macrophages.

Image Credit: Carsten Lüder, University Medical Center Göttingen
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Parasites interfere with the assembly of chromatin remodeling complexes and histone acetylation at STAT1-regulated promoters. Histone deacetylase inhibitors can rescue Toxoplasma-infected macrophages from unresponsiveness to IFN-γ (see Lang et al., doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1002483). The inhibition of IFN-γ-induced MHC class II expression (green fluorescence) after infection of macrophages with T. gondii (blue fluorescence) is shown by confocal microscopy; total cells were stained with propidium iodide (red stain).


Type 1 Interferons and Antiviral CD8 T-Cell Responses

Raymond M. Welsh, Kapil Bahl, Heather D. Marshall, Stina L. Urban


Sexual Development in Plasmodium: Lessons from Functional Analyses

David S. Guttery, Anthony A. Holder, Rita Tewari

Sequence Divergent RXLR Effectors Share a Structural Fold Conserved across Plant Pathogenic Oomycete Species

Joe Win, Ksenia V. Krasileva, Sophien Kamoun, Ken Shirasu, Brian J. Staskawicz, Mark J. Banfield

Research Articles

Systems Biology Approaches Reveal a Specific Interferon-Inducible Signature in HTLV-1 Associated Myelopathy

Sonja Tattermusch, Jason A. Skinner, Damien Chaussabel, Jacques Banchereau, Matthew P. Berry, Finlay W. McNab, Anne O'Garra, Graham P. Taylor, Charles R. M. Bangham

Historical Contingencies Modulate the Adaptability of Rice Yellow Mottle Virus

Nils Poulicard, Agnès Pinel-Galzi, Oumar Traoré, Florence Vignols, Alain Ghesquière, Gnissa Konaté, Eugénie Hébrard, Denis Fargette

The Viral and Cellular MicroRNA Targetome in Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines

Rebecca L. Skalsky, David L. Corcoran, Eva Gottwein, Christopher L. Frank, Dong Kang, Markus Hafner, Jeffrey D. Nusbaum, Regina Feederle, Henri-Jacques Delecluse, Micah A. Luftig, Thomas Tuschl, Uwe Ohler, Bryan R. Cullen

The Intracellular DNA Sensor IFI16 Gene Acts as Restriction Factor for Human Cytomegalovirus Replication

Grazia Rosaria Gariano, Valentina Dell'Oste, Matteo Bronzini, Deborah Gatti, Anna Luganini, Marco De Andrea, Giorgio Gribaudo, Marisa Gariglio, Santo Landolfo

The Bacterial Cytoskeleton Modulates Motility, Type 3 Secretion, and Colonization in Salmonella

David M. Bulmer, Lubna Kharraz, Andrew J. Grant, Paul Dean, Fiona J. E. Morgan, Michail H. Karavolos, Anne C. Doble, Emma J. McGhie, Vassilis Koronakis, Richard A. Daniel, Pietro Mastroeni, C. M. Anjam Khan

Identification of Genetic Determinants and Enzymes Involved with the Amidation of Glutamic Acid Residues in the Peptidoglycan of Staphylococcus aureus

Teresa A. Figueiredo, Rita G. Sobral, Ana Madalena Ludovice, João Manuel Feio de Almeida, Nhat K. Bui, Waldemar Vollmer, Hermínia de Lencastre, Alexander Tomasz

Identification and in vitro Analysis of the GatD/MurT Enzyme-Complex Catalyzing Lipid II Amidation in Staphylococcus aureus

Daniela Münch, Terry Roemer, Sang Ho Lee, Marianne Engeser, Hans Georg Sahl, Tanja Schneider

Progressive Visceral Leishmaniasis Is Driven by Dominant Parasite-induced STAT6 Activation and STAT6-dependent Host Arginase 1 Expression

E. Yaneth Osorio, Weiguo Zhao, Claudia Espitia, Omar Saldarriaga, Leo Hawel, Craig V. Byus, Bruno L. Travi, Peter C. Melby

Two Genetic Determinants Acquired Late in Mus Evolution Regulate the Inclusion of Exon 5, which Alters Mouse APOBEC3 Translation Efficiency

Jun Li, Yoshiyuki Hakata, Eri Takeda, Qingping Liu, Yasumasa Iwatani, Christine A. Kozak, Masaaki Miyazawa

Impaired Chromatin Remodelling at STAT1-Regulated Promoters Leads to Global Unresponsiveness of Toxoplasma gondii-Infected Macrophages to IFN-γ

Christine Lang, Anke Hildebrandt, Franziska Brand, Lennart Opitz, Hassan Dihazi, Carsten G. K. Lüder

Development of Functional and Molecular Correlates of Vaccine-Induced Protection for a Model Intracellular Pathogen, F. tularensis LVS

Roberto De Pascalis, Alicia Y. Chou, Catharine M. Bosio, Chiung-Yu Huang, Dean A. Follmann, Karen L. Elkins

Temporal Expression of Bacterial Proteins Instructs Host CD4 T Cell Expansion and Th17 Development

Seung-Joo Lee, James B. McLachlan, Jonathan R. Kurtz, Danhua Fan, Sebastian E. Winter, Andreas J. Baumler, Marc K. Jenkins, Stephen J. McSorley

The Vibrio cholerae Colonization Factor GbpA Possesses a Modular Structure that Governs Binding to Different Host Surfaces

Edmond Wong, Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad, Avishek Ghosh, Ramon Hurtado-Guerrero, Peter V. Konarev, Adel F. M. Ibrahim, Dmitri I. Svergun, Vincent G. H. Eijsink, Nabendu S. Chatterjee, Daan M. F. van Aalten

The Circadian Clock Protein Timeless Regulates Phagocytosis of Bacteria in Drosophila

Elizabeth F. Stone, Ben O. Fulton, Janelle S. Ayres, Linh N. Pham, Junaid Ziauddin, Mimi M. Shirasu-Hiza

The RBP-Jκ Binding Sites within the RTA Promoter Regulate KSHV Latent Infection and Cell Proliferation

Jie Lu, Subhash C. Verma, Qiliang Cai, Abhik Saha, Richard Kuo Dzeng, Erle S. Robertson

Mechanisms of NK Cell-Macrophage Bacillus anthracis Crosstalk: A Balance between Stimulation by Spores and Differential Disruption by Toxins

Maria Klezovich-Bénard, Jean-Philippe Corre, Hélène Jusforgues-Saklani, Daniel Fiole, Nick Burjek, Jean-Nicolas Tournier, Pierre L. Goossens

The bZIP Transcription Factor Rca1p Is a Central Regulator of a Novel CO2 Sensing Pathway in Yeast

Fabien Cottier, Martine Raymond, Oliver Kurzai, Marianne Bolstad, Worraanong Leewattanapasuk, Claudia Jiménez-López, Michael C. Lorenz, Dominique Sanglard, Libuše Váchová, Norman Pavelka, Zdena Palková, Fritz A. Mühlschlegel

Human Herpesvirus 8 (HHV8) Sequentially Shapes the NK Cell Repertoire during the Course of Asymptomatic Infection and Kaposi Sarcoma

Stéphanie Dupuy, Marion Lambert, David Zucman, Siméon-Pierre Choukem, Sara Tognarelli, Cécile Pages, Céleste Lebbé, Sophie Caillat-Zucman

Lymphoid Tissue Damage in HIV-1 Infection Depletes Naïve T Cells and Limits T Cell Reconstitution after Antiretroviral Therapy

Ming Zeng, Peter J. Southern, Cavan S. Reilly, Greg J. Beilman, Jeffrey G. Chipman, Timothy W. Schacker, Ashley T. Haase

Legionella pneumophila Secretes a Mitochondrial Carrier Protein during Infection

Pavel Dolezal, Margareta Aili, Janette Tong, Jhih-Hang Jiang, Carlo M. Marobbio, Sau fung Lee, Ralf Schuelein, Simon Belluzzo, Eva Binova, Aurelie Mousnier, Gad Frankel, Giulia Giannuzzi, Ferdinando Palmieri, Kipros Gabriel, Thomas Naderer, Elizabeth L. Hartland, Trevor Lithgow

Slit2/Robo4 Signaling Modulates HIV-1 gp120-Induced Lymphatic Hyperpermeability

Xuefeng Zhang, Jinlong Yu, Paula M. Kuzontkoski, Weiquan Zhu, Dean Y. Li, Jerome E. Groopman

Molecular Determinants and Dynamics of Hepatitis C Virus Secretion

Kelly E. Coller, Nicholas S. Heaton, Kristi L. Berger, Jacob D. Cooper, Jessica L. Saunders, Glenn Randall

The Cysteine Rich Necrotrophic Effector SnTox1 Produced by Stagonospora nodorum Triggers Susceptibility of Wheat Lines Harboring Snn1

Zhaohui Liu, Zengcui Zhang, Justin D. Faris, Richard P. Oliver, Robert Syme, Megan C. McDonald, Bruce A. McDonald, Peter S. Solomon, Shunwen Lu, Weilin L. Shelver, Steven Xu, Timothy L. Friesen

Production of Virus-Derived Ping-Pong-Dependent piRNA-like Small RNAs in the Mosquito Soma

Elaine M. Morazzani, Michael R. Wiley, Marta G. Murreddu, Zach N. Adelman, Kevin M. Myles

(Homo)glutathione Deficiency Impairs Root-knot Nematode Development in Medicago truncatula

Fabien Baldacci-Cresp, Christine Chang, Mickaël Maucourt, Catherine Deborde, Julie Hopkins, Philippe Lecomte, Stéphane Bernillon, Renaud Brouquisse, Annick Moing, Pierre Abad, Didier Hérouart, Alain Puppo, Bruno Favery, Pierre Frendo

Insights into Minor Group Rhinovirus Uncoating: The X-ray Structure of the HRV2 Empty Capsid

Damià Garriga, Angela Pickl-Herk, Daniel Luque, Jürgen Wruss, José R. Castón, Dieter Blaas, Núria Verdaguer

Trypanosoma cruzi trans-Sialidase in Complex with a Neutralizing Antibody: Structure/Function Studies towards the Rational Design of Inhibitors

Alejandro Buschiazzo, Romina Muiá, Nicole Larrieux, Tamara Pitcovsky, Juan Mucci, Oscar Campetella

Antibody Inhibition of a Viral Type 1 Interferon Decoy Receptor Cures a Viral Disease by Restoring Interferon Signaling in the Liver

Ren-Huan Xu, Daniel Rubio, Felicia Roscoe, Tracy E. Krouse, Mary Ellen Truckenmiller, Christopher C. Norbury, Paul N. Hudson, Inger K. Damon, Antonio Alcamí, Luis J. Sigal