Correction: Association of Activating KIR Copy Number Variation of NK Cells with Containment of SIV Replication in Rhesus Monkeys

  • Ina Hellmann,
  • So-Yon Lim,
  • Rebecca S. Gelman,
  • Norman L. Letvin
  • Published: September 18, 2012
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/03a74287-7d68-483d-858b-ae8f3b3df54a

Reference 15 is the incorrect reference. The reference listed is: "Martin MP, Pascal V, Yeager M, Phair J, Kirk GD, et al. (2007) A mutation in KIR3DS1 that results in truncation and lack of cell surface expression. Immunogenetics 59: 823–829." The correct reference is: "Martin MP, Qi Y, Gao X, Yamada E, Martin JN, et al. (2007) Innate partnership of HLA-B and KIR3DL1 subtypes against HIV-1. Nat Genet 39: 733-740."