Correction: D-Alanylation of Lipoteichoic Acids Confers Resistance to Cationic Peptides in Group B Streptococcus by Increasing the Cell Wall Density

  • Ron Saar-Dover,
  • Arkadi Bitler,
  • Ravit Nezer,
  • Liraz Shmuel-Galia,
  • Arnaud Firon,
  • Eyal Shimoni,
  • Patrick Trieu-Cuot,
  • Yechiel Shai
  • Published: November 05, 2012
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/05894f00-6d95-4b7a-aff1-2e008d2a864f

Table S1, "Bacterial strains used in this study," does not appear. Please view Table S1 here:

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