Correction: Legionella pneumophila Secretes a Mitochondrial Carrier Protein during Infection

  • Pavel Dolezal,
  • Margareta Aili,
  • Janette Tong,
  • Jhih-Hang Jiang,
  • Carlo M. T. Marobbio,
  • Sau fung Lee,
  • Ralf Schuelein,
  • Simon Belluzzo,
  • Eva Binova,
  • Aurelie Mousnier,
  • Gad Frankel,
  • Giulia Giannuzzi,
  • Ferdinando Palmieri,
  • Kipros Gabriel,
  • Thomas Naderer,
  • Elizabeth L. Hartland,
  • Trevor Lithgow
  • Published: January 20, 2012
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/5039541e-b48a-4cfc-84b1-21566e311a62

An initial is missing in the fifth author's name. The correct name is: Carlo MT Marobbio. The updated Author Contributions are: "Conceived and designed the experiments: PD MA JT JHJ CMTM EB FP KG GG ELH TL. Performed the experiments: PD MA SFL RS JT JHJ CMTM EB GG. Analyzed the data: PD SB TN JT JHJ CMTM EB FP KG GG ELH TL. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: AM GF. Wrote the paper: PD ELH TL FP."