Correction: Systems Analysis of a RIG-I Agonist Inducing Broad Spectrum Inhibition of Virus Infectivity

  • Marie-Line Goulet,
  • David Olagnier,
  • Zhengyun Xu,
  • Suzanne Paz,
  • S. Mehdi Belgnaoui,
  • Erin I. Lafferty,
  • Valérie Janelle,
  • Meztli Arguello,
  • Marilene Paquet,
  • Zhong He,
  • Khader Ghneim,
  • Stephanie Richards,
  • Andrew Smith,
  • Peter Wilkinson,
  • Mark Cameron,
  • Ulrich Kalinke,
  • Salman Qureshi,
  • Alain Lamarre,
  • Elias K. Haddad,
  • Rafick Pierre Sekaly,
  • Suraj Peri,
  • Siddharth Balachandran,
  • Rongtuan Lin,
  • John Hiscott
  • Published: August 08, 2013
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/8fa70b21-32e7-4ed3-b397-ab776b5bbf30

Zhong He was not included in the author byline. He should be listed as the tenth author and affiliated with the Division of Infectious Diseases, Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute of Florida, Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA. The contributions of this author are as follows: Performed the experiments and Analyzed the data.