Correction: Co-ordinated Role of TLR3, RIG-I and MDA5 in the Innate Response to Rhinovirus in Bronchial Epithelium

  • Louise Slater,
  • Nathan W. Bartlett,
  • Jennifer J. Haas,
  • Jie Zhu,
  • Simon D. Message,
  • Ross P. Walton,
  • Annemarie Sykes,
  • Samer Dahdaleh,
  • Deborah L. Clarke,
  • Maria G. Belvisi,
  • Onn M. Kon,
  • Takashi Fujita,
  • Peter K. Jeffery,
  • Sebastian L. Johnston,
  • Michael R. Edwards
  • Published: April 03, 2012
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/c3f58c59-a42f-495b-a4f2-d74d55d72166

The following information was missing from the funding section: This work was funded in part by the MoRIAE European Research Council FP7 Advanced Investigator award to SLJ, Grant number 233015.