Correction: Plasticity of the β-Trefoil Protein Fold in the Recognition and Control of Invertebrate Predators and Parasites by a Fungal Defence System

  • Mario Schubert,
  • Silvia Bleuler-Martinez,
  • Alex Butschi,
  • Martin A. Wälti,
  • Pascal Egloff,
  • Katrin Stutz,
  • Shi Yan,
  • Mayeul Collot,
  • Jean-Maurice Mallet,
  • Iain B. H. Wilson,
  • Michael O. Hengartner,
  • Markus Aebi,
  • Frédéric H.-T. Allain,
  • Markus Künzler
  • Published: August 15, 2012
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/ed5d46f6-3442-4a89-a505-78befd507436

Mayeul Collot and Jean-Maurice Mallet were not included in the author byline. They should be listed as the eighth and ninth authors, respectively. Both Mayeul Collot and Jean-Maurice Mallet are affiliated with Ecole Normale Supérieure CNRS, Departement de Chimie, Paris, France. The contributions of Mayeul Collot are as follows: contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools and performed the experiments. The contributions of Jean-Maurice Mallet are as follows: conceived and designed the experiments.