Correction: Recombinant HIV Envelope Proteins Fail to Engage Germline Versions of Anti-CD4bs bNAbs

  • Sam Hoot,
  • Andrew T. McGuire,
  • Kristen W. Cohen,
  • Roland K. Strong,
  • Lars Hangartner,
  • Florian Klein,
  • Ron Diskin,
  • Johannes F. Scheid,
  • D. Noah Sather,
  • Dennis R. Burton,
  • Leonidas Stamatatos
  • Published: July 05, 2013
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/ed7c0148-97eb-4416-824d-6e6d1aaeceef

In the Funding section, the grant number from the funder NIAID/HIVRAD was listed incorrectly. The correct grant number is: P01AI094419.